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antique wood flooring installed by River Bottom Pine in Homewood, AlabamaRiverbottom Pine reclaims cypress and long leaf pine that are centuries old from the bottom of southern lakes and rivers and manufactures this wood into fine flooring and millwork.

Riverbottom Pine Flooring Inc. is a custom flooring and milling company in Birmingham, Alabama. We are one of only a few companies that manufacture heritage heart pine and cypress flooring and also provide installation and finishing for the flooring.

We specialize in flooring that is antique, recovered or old growth and use mostly wide plank. We mill, install and finish more wide plank floors than anyone in the southeast. We also mill beams of any width and length.


check out some of our recent installations in Alabama and neighboring states, in Homewood, Alabama and others some of our older installations from around the Southeast.

"All our products are sold with services, offering the highest quality of
installation and finishing available"

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