Custom Wood Flooring and Millwork

River Bottom Pine reclaims centuries old long leaf pine and cypress logs that have been preserved in the area waterways of the southeastern United States. This precious wood makes the most beautiful floors, counters, and millwork available.

The Southeastern United States was once covered by old growth forests. A large percentage of the trees were long leaf pines. These trees were hundreds of years old, growing only an inch in diameter every 30 years. During the early years of the U.S., wood from these pines formed the cabins of settlers, graced the homes of the wealthy, and dignified public buildings. 

antique wood flooring and plank wood walls

When loggers began clear cutting in the 19th century, these magnificent trees were floated to mills and some were lost to the water. Currently, the old growth forests are protected, so the only way to get the beauty of these long-lived trees is through reclamation.

Original growth cypress trees lived to be 1000-1500 years old. Cypress trees contain natural oils that resist water and insect damage. Again, most of these trees were logged in the 19th century and are only available as the logs and wood is reclaimed from waterways and existing buildings.

Because of their very slow growth, these trees are exceptionally dense and the wood has a unique depth of color not present in young trees. Those lost during transportation can only be reclaimed by divers, and the supply of this exceptional wood is limited.

We love discovering beautiful wood preserved by the cool waters. We can see the marks made by either axes or cross cut saws over 100 years ago, and the marks made when pines were tapped for maritime products. They are a part of our history in the southeastern United States.

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River Bottom Pine takes great care in preparing the reclaimed wood, so that none of this precious resource is lost. We use some of this wood for wood countertops, wood millwork, wood ceilings and wood beams, but our primary focus is flooring.

We mill, install, and finish fine flooring and millwork to give your home the same beautiful wood finishes as Monticello and other historic homes built with long leaf pine and cypress woods from the old growth forests that existed at that time. River Bottom Pine installs and finishes more wide-plank flooring than any other company in the southeast.

Please view our gallery, then call us to discuss your flooring or millwork needs and how you can claim a piece of history for your home.

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